Below is a wide assortment of interesting links that are non related to our products. These links make up the great vastness of information that we know as "the net" and many we have traded links with. Take some time, tune in, browse around, and enjoy!
CDNOW One of the places that our webmaster hangs out at when he's supposed to be working on this site. Terrific selection of music cds.
THE DUNKEN COMPANY Dealer in fine hobby moulds and casting equipment.
EBAY As if we need to give an introduction to this one! Ebay is a great auction place and has allowed our business to prosper online. Definately worth checking out!
GEMM Global Electronic Music Marketplace... the place to go when you're looking for that really hard to find record, tape, or cd and all else has failed.
GOOGLE.COM Great reliable search engine.
MOUSE@HORNS Incredible site for raising mice! Our webmaster highly recommends it! Fellow Americans, if you are truly serious about raising pet mice, or rather being a "mouse fancier", then you should really check out this site. The British know how to take care of these little critters best!
MUTATO MUZIKA Native Ohio's very own spudboys of new wave, DEVO, did good in their music career several years ago after they moved out of Akron for the warmer climates of California. Now, a bit older, Mark Mothersburg and the boys continue producing sounds for a different nature... tv, movies, and commericals! Check out some of the old DEVO memories as well as the latest creations at this site.
SUNSCREEM Another one of our webmaster's all time favorite bands...and something else to keep him awake during the long hours of updates. Sunscreem is a British techno/rave act that is perhaps one of the most original and creative in their field. Check out also Adam Reeve's Screeming.Com.
TRIPOD Get free web hosting like we did! A great offer for webmasters on a tight budget.
WEBCRAWLER Back in the day (1997), our webmaster was just a young peep when it came to the world wide web and didn't know how to get around much. Then one fine day he was introduced to the gift of search engines through the services of Webcrawler. Though this once great service has kinda fell away to newer and more popular sites, it's still a fairly good place to browse the web with.


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